Amanda Holiday


We are a small poetry publishing company,  established in March 2020 with a mission to publish the work of oustanding poets from around the world with a focus on women and black poets.


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Artist, poet & filmmaker Amanda Holiday completed the Poetry MA at the University of East Anglia in 2019.

Her chapbook 'The Art Poems' was published April 2018 as part of New Generation African Poets (Tano) a chapbox series by Akashic books (US). Her text ‘A Posthumous Conversation about Black Art’ was published in the first edition of Critical Fish Journal.


Her poems have appeared or will appear in Prairie Schooner (US), South Bank Poetry Magazine, Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Lolwe, Anomaly and she has written for Frieze. In 2020 she was shortlisted for the Brunel International African Poetry Prize and founded the UK’s first crowdfunded poetry press Black Sunflowers right here!

She is a currently Techne AHRC doctoral student in Poetry, Race and Art at the University of Brighton.

Black sunflowers


She stood at the window

You know what I want to see?

Black sunflowers – fields of them swaying

charcoal heads – say that to most people

they think it’s morbid but I’ve never

seen black like that, never seen black like that

                               and that’s where they go wrong for sure


White flowers got the strongest smells

valley lilies, snowdrops and wide-eyed orchid

oozing scent puree after dark aloneness

the urgent pungency of me me me


Black sunflowers you have to listen in

a whispering smell of soot ash

liquorice ladies nodding um and ahh

soul flower faces billet lips

smiling receipts and crowding

queues in uniforms bagfuls of black rice

petal-framed crochet bunch-necks

never smelt black like that never

                                        smelled burnt umber soft for sure

© Amanda Holiday 2020

first published in South Bank Poetry Magazine Issue 32